American Apparel

The infamous retailer tapped notorii to redesign the low converting checkout flow on it's desktop and mobile website. Aside from the primary goal of increasing revenue, we sought to replicate the levity and fun of making a purchase at their brick & mortar stores in a digital experience.



The existing checkout flow consisted of a long single page with extraneous form fields and copious visual elements. An extremely high percentage of users dropped off before completing checkout. We first analyzed the weak points of the design that needed to be addressed.

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Information Architecture

A comprehensive Information Architecture blueprint was developed to map out all possible user flows, and the inputs required on each page of the checkout. This was given to the developers so that work could be parallelized while the high resolution mockups were being prototyped.

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Wireframes were quickly prototyped to visualize the layout.


Final Design

Each page has been pared down to the fewest possible form fields, and extraneous visual elements have been removed. Animated gifs in addition to human vernacular used in the interface and copy bring levity to the experience.

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