In the summer of 2013, Developer Auction was facing a crisis of identity. The rapidly growing startup was expanding into recruiting beyond software developers, and needed a new brand to reflect their changing business proposition and company values.

With the hired.com domain name secured, notorii founder Harold Herbert was enlisted to create the new identity. Over a ten week timeline, the brand was conceptualized and executed on all physical & digital mediums.

Since the Hired launch, the company has grown to a $200 million valuation.


Brand Manual

Driven by Hired's goal of becoming the source for the best talent and opportunities in the technology industry, we crafted a digital luxury brand.

Gotham was a logical choice as the company's typeface due to it's streamlined appearance, diversity of weights, and precise webfont rendering. Loose tracking in the logotype and headers create a feeling of harmony and reverence.

Light gray and charcoal background and text color reduce eye strain by lowering the contrast of the user interface. Braun's product design program was the inspiration for the brand's interface colors; the functional connotations of each are universally recognized.

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UI Library

Hired's website is composed of a pure code interface utilizing SASS and icon fonts for a lightweight, scalable design. A full front-end library of reusable user interface modules was developed for rapid prototyping and development.

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All public facing pages were redesigned to accompany the launch of the new identity.


Product Design

Interior pages were redesigned to have a clear hierarchy, and emphasize primary user actions.



In the digital era, the value of high-end print collateral cannot be understated. We worked with local print craftsmen Dependable Letterpress, to develop a top of the line stationery using traditional print techniques. The weighty materials, debossed lettering, and textured paper stock created a memorable experience for the physical touch point of the brand.