Leaders is the most popular cellulose mask producer in South Korea. We helped them enter the U.S. market by creating new branding and packaging that is more relevant and appealing to the Western consumer.


Old Identity

Leaders previous identity had a lack of coherence and consistency. In addition to multiple logos being used, there was no consistency with colors, typography or visual elements. The highly information dense packaging felt more medical than cosmetic, and prevented Leaders from being stocked in retailers Sephora & Ulta.


New Identity

The new identity is a combination of clinical & natural. Using a color palette based on the Coconut tree and it's surroundings, as well as a biodegradable matte plant cellulose for packaging, the ambiance of the brand feels strongly organic. The clinical nature of the brand is realized through the simple modern layout and typography. As Korean products are known as best in breed within the skin care industry, we've retained Korean type in both the logo and packaging.